Terms and Conditions

1. Booking Confirmation and Invoicing:

Provisional bookings are not guaranteed until 545 Training Rooms is in receipt of a completed booking form.

Bookings must be paid for within a week of receiving an invoice from 545 Training Rooms

Payment must be made in advance for room hire

Booking will not be held without

2.  Cancellations

Cancellations made more than four weeks prior to the booking date(s) will not be

Cancellations made between 3 weeks and 6 days prior to the booking date(s) will charged at 50% of the original rate.

Cancellations made within one to two days of the booking date(s) will be charged at 100% of the booking price.

3. Security:

545 Training Rooms maintains a high level of security, CCTV in

Hirers and their guests must always remain within the defined areas for room lettings

Organisers are encouraged to arrive well in advance of the specified start time in order to set up

For safety reasons the procedure to follow if the alarms ring must be explained at the start of any class. Organisers should make themselves familiar with primary escape routes and the assembly point opposite the main entrance or appoint someone in their team to be responsible for this.

4. Fire Regulations:

545 Training Rooms regulations will be observed by the Hirer at all

Candles are not allowed under any circumstances.

5. Insurance

During the period of the hire, the Hirer shall be responsible for all damages, losses, claimsand costs arising out of their use of the Premises and shall indemnify 545 Training Rooms against any claims in respect of death, injury, loss or damage where any such claim is caused by or arises by reasons of the act, omissions or claim is caused by or arises by reasons of the act, omissions or neglect of the Hirer, Agents,

The Hirer shall maintain Public Liability Insurance in the sum of not less than

€5,000,000, in place for the use the Premises during the Period of the Hire. A copy of the Hirer’s Public Liability Insurance Certificate shall be provided to the Venue not-less than 28 days before the first date of the Period of Hire.

All rooms must be left in the condition they were found

Hirers will be subject to the full cost of mending any damage or excessive wear and tear to 545 Training Rooms property.

Under no circumstances may posters be fixed to walls or

Failing to meet this condition will result in an automatic additional charge of €100.00 plus VAT, And Hirer will be subject to pay the full cost of any extra cleaning required.

6.  Liability

545 Training Rooms will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any property belonging to the Hireror any property brought or left upon 545 Training Rooms premises either by the Hirer or by its Agents, Contractors or Delegates.

7. College Room Opening Hours:

Access times to rooms are through prior

The Hirer will be given personal access codes to enter/exit the

8. Obligations to 545 Training Rooms

545 Training Rooms will use its best endeavours to supply the accommodation specified in the booking.

9. No Smoking Regulations

Smoking is prohibited in and immediately outside the 545 Training Rooms building

10. General:

The Hirer and any parties brought into 545 Training Rooms are expected to behave in a responsible manner, with due regard to the regulations of 545 Training Rooms (including those relating to stat- utory fire and safety requirements) andany reasonable instructions of 545 Training Rooms and its officers. Anybreach in respect of the Hirer’s obligations may result in termination of the booking.

11. Covid Compliance

The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that they make themselves familiar with Covid compliance regulations